29 Apr

Community Caregivers at 1000 Hills Clinic

At 1000 Hills Clinic in South Africa, Dawn Leppan has started a program called “Community Caregivers”. 31 caregivers travel throughout the area surrounding the clinic, always on the lookout for anyone in need of medical help or nourishment. The Caregivers are divided into groups of two and serve a population of approximately 30,000 individuals. If a person is found to be in need, an ambulance is sent to transport them to the clinic.

Caregivers in ambulanceCommunity Caregivers head out in the ambulance to visit homebound patients

The Caregivers are given a food parcel once a month in exchange for their work in the community. They receive weekly training at 1000 Hills to ensure that they are qualified for their positions. Every morning the Caregivers gather together to sing before starting their day at the clinic. During the Bjurstrom’s trip to South Africa, Stina Bjurstrom taught the Caregivers how to take basic health assessments using their newly donated blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, and first aid kits. Praise God that Wendy and Stina were able to successfully deliver these life-saving supplies!

Follow this link to see the Caregivers at 1000 Hills joyfully singing at their Monday morning meeting!

Caregiver trainingWendy, Stina Bjurstrom, RN and Sister Dlimani presented Thandeka with a certificate and a pouch of Compassion Tea after she completed her Caregiver training

            Thoko, one of the Caregivers, looks after a 59 year old man named Petros. Petros is diabetic, has high blood pressure, and is likely HIV positive. In March, both of his feet were amputated. Because the hospital released him far too early, he is often in great pain, especially at night. Unfortunately, his next appointment at a government hospital is months away. There are almost never enough wound dressings at 1000 Hills clinic to keep up with the demand. However, due to the medical supplies that CompassioNow donated, Thoko was supplied with extra dressings to help Petros heal.

Nurses at 1000 HillsSister Dlimani hands Thoko wound dressings donated by CompassioNow; these dressings will be used to treat Petros

            Elphus, another member of the 1000 Hills community, is in the end stages of AIDS. He lives in a tiny, one-room hut, alone and helpless. But because of the Community Caregiver program, Elphus receives regular visits to keep him and his belongings clean, as well as provide compassionate care and comfort during his last days.

            This past Christmas Eve, Dawn Leppan stayed late at the clinic to ensure that every family in her community had something to eat on Christmas day. On Christmas Day itself, she did nothing for herself but go to church and thank God for all of her blessings. It is our sincere prayer that this same selfless spirit encompasses everything that we do at CompassioNow!

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