Make a Difference

Coalition of Caring

Join the group that is making a difference every single day! For only a dollar a day, you can become part of the Coalition of Caring, a group connected by their concern for others across the world. 

We look for every way to increase the impact of your donation.

For example, we pay the cost of shipping donated medicines and ensure that caregivers are available to use them properly. We provide clean bandages, antibiotics and teach first aid. These are the basics that we might take for granted, but are so lacking in rural Africa. They can make such a difference when present.

Healthcare in remote areas of Africa has been haphazard at best; medically trained personnel and medical supplies are often simply not available. In such a setting, even the simple things can provide life-saving benefits.

We work hard so that even a small gift every month has a significant impact. Join with us and leverage even a few dollars to provide a better, healthier life for people who have never felt cared for – until now!

Join our Coalition of Compassion.

Make a One-Time Donation

You Can Make a Difference NOW!

It is surprising what a difference even a small donation can make. At CompassioNow we stay focused on the simple things, like providing clean bandages, basic antibiotics and training for local people to learn first aid. Teaching a village how to set a broken bone can save one of its children from living life as a cripple!

We look for every way to leverage the value of the donations we receive. One way we do this is to pay the costs of shipping donated medicine to Africa. Using this approach, we can leverage your gift by 10 fold at least!

The average cost to treat one patient in a rural African setting is typically less than $5.00 U.S. However, when we treat someone using donated medicines, 10 patients can be treated for $5.00 U.S.

Help us save lives!

Please consider making a donation, as little as $5 or $10 will make it possible to treat a whole family. Donate $100 and it will help to care for a village.

Start a cycle of caring today.

Enjoy Compassion Tea

A very enjoyable way to support the efforts of CompassioNow is through our sister company, Compassion Tea which sells high quality, premium loose leaf teas and pyramid tea bags from all over the world with 100% of after tax profits going to support CompassioNow.  Make a one time purchase, or consider a Compassion Tea Club membership. For as little as $10.00 plus $2.50 shipping you can have two pouches of our quality tea sent to your home every month. In addition, you will receive a 20% discount on other teas and a 10% discount on accessories with your membership. Remember 100% of Compassion Tea after tax profits are donated to CompassioNow for its work in Africa to serve the world’s least served.

For more information on memberships visit the Compassion Tea website.

Current Special: Since summer is on the way why not try some great iced teas to serve you and your guests. Our iced tea bundle is available on the website as well for a great price of $18.00.  Check it out at

Adopt a Clinic

Each of the clinics supported by CompassioNow is as unique as the people they serve. If you have been challenged and moved by the stories we shared and you want to know more about a specific clinic, please consider “adopting a clinic” by making a regular donation to that specific clinic. We receive regular updates from each of our clinics and commit to keeping you informed of the latest news. Just write a note with your donation that you want to adopt a clinic! Start a cycle of caring today.

Travel with us to Africa

Have you always wanted to go to Africa, but it seems like an impossible dream? That was what we thought, until we were challenged to go and make a difference. We took the challenge and went, but only because we knew someone that would meet us there, someone who "knew the ropes" so to speak and could show us around. It turned out to be a life changing experience! Unless you have been to Africa, it is hard to describe exactly what happens, but you come back changed, with a new perspective and a new appreciation. 

If you are a healthcare professional, there are numerous opportunities to share your special skills in a place that desperately needs you. If you are not a healthcare professional and think that you are just an average person, you are not. The "average person" on this planet is much poorer and has had little or no opportunity to build skills or develop their abilities. We take for granted basic life skills like knowledge of first aid and nutrition. If you know how to clean a wound, apply a clean bandage or check if someone has a fever with a thermometer, you have above average skills. Most important, if you travel to Africa, you show the people you meet that they have not been forgotten, and that someone cares for them.

In the process you will have one of the most powerful and moving experiences of your life.